POP3 (Standard Account) vs Hosted Exchange

BarWeb offers two types of email accounts: POP3 (referred to as our Standard account) and Hosted Exchange Plans.

POP accounts have a smaller quota, so only the most current emails are stored on the web server. Emails are all downloaded by Mac Mail or Outlook, and stored on your computer.

Exchange Plans are a step up from POP email, enabling real-time access to your email, calendar and contacts, as well as important files and information.

There are a number of improvements that Exchange accounts offer over basic POP accounts:

  • Larger quotas for online storage.
  • Support for synced multiple device access - see sent items on all devices and deleting from one device deletes from all.
  • Automatic syncing of email, rather than on a schedule.
  • When your computer fails you don’t lose your emails, simply reconnect your email account and your email,
    contacts and calendars will automatically download.
  • Full functionality of group scheduling and meeting requests.
  • Share your calendar and email access with other team members.
  • Schedule out-of-office replies

Keeping this in mind, if you have one of our Standard POP accounts, be sure to keep your computer backed up!

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