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Setting a Static IP - MacOS

Internet Configuration MacOS Configuration

Click on the Apple logo in the top right and select System Preferences Click on Network ...

What is a VPN

Internet Troubleshooting / Guides

What is a VPN anyway? Put simply, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a group of computers n...

Remove copies from the server in Outlook

Email Troubleshooting / Guides Standard Email Accounts

Click on File > Account Settings > Account Settings... Locate your account and double-...

Mailbox is Full

Email Troubleshooting / Guides Standard Email Accounts

If you have multiple mail folders configured within your Email Account, within the folder setting...

Checking your Quota

Email Troubleshooting / Guides Standard Email Accounts

Login to Webmail using the following address - Once logg...

Change my password -Standard account

Email Troubleshooting / Guides Standard Email Accounts

Go to in your web browser of choice Login with your email addr...

Forgot my Password - Exchange Account

Email Troubleshooting / Guides Exchange Accounts

Currently there is no self service option for a forgotten Hosted Exchange password. If you have ...

How to Identify Spam/Scam Emails

Email Troubleshooting / Guides General

If you are not sure, the email can be forwarded to, a BarWeb technician ...

Message Rejected - Size Limit

Email Troubleshooting / Guides General

BarWeb along with all other email providers have an email size limit, if you are attempting to se...

Live Status Page

Other BarWeb Services

About the Live Status Page A page we recently added to the Barweb portal was a way to view real ...

Setting a Static IP - Ubuntu 16.04

Internet Configuration Other Device Configuration

Click on the Networking icon in the top system tray and select Edit Connections... Select y...

Privacy Policy


1. Policy Statement In the delivery of Barweb Services some information and User Data may be sto...

Terms of Services


1. Agreement 1.1.  The following terms and conditions apply to all BarWeb services provided by B...

Financial Hardship Policy


Financial Hardship The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code C628:2012 defines Financial ...

Critical Information Summary


Critical Information Summary for BarWeb Internet Services Information about the Service The ser...

Complaint Handling


Our principles: You have a right to complain, and if you do we will deal with your complaint in ...

Exporting a Guide

Other BarWeb Services

We allow users to export our guides to keep on file, steps on how to export a guide is as follows...

Posting a Classified

Other BarWeb Services

How to post a classified on the BarWeb Classifieds Go to or http:/...

POP3 (Standard Account) vs Hosted Exchange

Email Troubleshooting / Guides General

BarWeb offers two types of email accounts: POP3 (referred to as our Standard account) and Hosted ...

Out of Office replies

Email Troubleshooting / Guides Standard Email Accounts

Log in to the Webmail client with your email account details at the following address:https://e...

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