Live Status Page

About the Live Status Page

A page we recently added to the Barweb portal was a way to view real time status of Barweb services, the live stats that are displayed are extracted from our monitoring system every 60 seconds, this page also auto refreshes every 60 seconds so the latest information is always available.

Understanding the Graphs

Information about the graphs can be located HERE

Understanding the Live Status Page

The live status works like a traffic light system for core email services and internet services hosted by BarWeb.

  • Green - Everything is working as expected
  • Yellow - A warning has been triggered, this can be caused by a spike in activity or that a system is not working as expected, investigation by BarWeb technical staff is performed at this stage (an alert has been sent to BarWeb technical staff by email and IM)
  • Red - A system has been in an extended warning state or the system has gone offline or a queue threshold has been hit to trigger immediate action required by BarWeb technical staff. (an alert has been sent to BarWeb technical staff by email, SMS and IM)
  • Blue - System is in maintenance mode and monitoring has been paused during this time, any system in maintenance mode has had its load and traffic redirected to another server

Things to Note

Exchange Servers C and A - These 2 servers run in a cluster, data is replicated between them and the load is split across both servers, in the event one goes down for any reason or has high load, the system will automatically migrate users between the servers to ensure all users remain online.
Both servers have the resources to hold a full load in the event a server needs to be removed from the cluster or failure occurs 
New updates and any new features are applied to Exchange Server C then Exchange Server A after they have been applied and running stable on our testingExchange Server B

Exchange Server B - This Exchange Server is not listed in monitoring as it is not a 24/7 server, it is only brought online during testing of new patches/updates or any changes to be applied system wide by BarWeb Tech staff. Users are not automatically migrated to this server when it comes online.

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